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Timed Quicktime Events?

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Hi Chris,

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious. Is there a way to do timed QTEs (with a timer showing - like timed dialogue)?

Also, is it possible to customize the button-presses associated with the arrows (to be able to use a controller button for instance).

Finally, is there a way to customize the arrow icons positions and sizes (or skin them similar to the 3D menus)? I didn't see a menu item for ArrowPrompts which seemed like the obvious place.



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    Also, was trying to dissect the 3D demo to see how you did the barrel QTE and ran into an issue (using v 1.35 in a new blank test project):

    1. When I hit play after loading the project the barrel QTE seems to work.

    2.After I opened up the Action List Editor for Barrel1_Use to try to figure out how to implement my own QTE I couldn't find anything (and see a couple empty actions in the list). Upon starting the game again the QTE is gone.

    I tried this twice to be certain... something seems to be broken or missing.

    That said, the features I mentioned above would be great additions. I know you mentioned The Walking Dead was a big inspiration for the engine - and what I'm asking about is really the direction TT has take with their recent releases.

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    The next update will be bringing a new Action that checks for input keys - this will make the creation of arbitrary QTEs much easier to make. The demo error with the ArrowPrompt has also been fixes.

    In general, timed sequences can be made by calling a "delayed" game over cutscene at the start of the event, and then cancelling it if the player succeeds by passibg Kill
  • *passing Kill to it with the Object: Send message Action.
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