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[BUG] Exporting translations error message is a bit misleading

edited April 2016 in Engine development
I'm not sure if this is a regression or has always been there, but after upgrading our project to Unity 5.3.x and AC to 1.51, we were unable to export any translations, but instead got this error repeated thousands of times:

'Cannot export translation since line 1234 contains the character "|"'

There indeed was a faulty line within one of the translations, but it was difficulty to pinpoint because of the amount of errors (one for each line).

It seems that the problem is in SpeechManager.cs (line 1674), which prints out the error message and the line on which the problem if fail==true. Fail=true is set on 2 different occasions. If there is a single failure the export understandably should fail.

However after fail has been set once, it will be set for every line after that, resulting in a confusing amount of messages about translation ids, 99.9% which are not faulty.

Related code:
foreach (string translationText in line.translationText)
rowList.Add (RemoveLineBreaks (translationText));

if (translationText.Contains (CSVReader.csvDelimiter))
fail = true;

So, maybe there could be 2 separate messages, making sure each error message points to the correct translation id?


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