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I desperately need KGFCameraSystem intergration

edited July 2014 in Engine development
Hi Chris, I desperately need to be able to use KGFCameraSystem, which is also extreamly Playmaker compatible.
If you cannot integrate KGFCamera into AC, then at least let me use just the MainCamera as the starting Camera without needing any other cameras.
AC does not allow me to just add MainCamera as start cam.

Thanks Chris.


  • OK, I found out myself how to get KGFCamera to work perfectly with AC.
    The trick is, you have to put the KGFOrbitCam prefab on all the cameras you create. Then they can be switched back and forth in AC. That’s it.
    I will write up a step by step instruction later on today on how to use KGF with AC
    P.s. KGF is completly PlayMaker compatible with every action included.
  • Where can we find these instructions ? I'd be very interested in reading them!
  • I'm curious why you'd need to put it on all cameras considering only the MainCamera is really used AFAIK. Or are you copying other settings from the other cameras (like orbit targets) when switching?
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