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Unity Analytics Integration


We wanted to add Unity Analytics for our game to see which puzzles are easy and which ones are hard. So I wrote up a little custom Action to do this. I can't guarantee that it's all correct code but this version should work and I also added the possibility to use AC Variables as parameters to send to Unity Analytics. Check it out: 



  • Thanks for sharing :)
  • Hey, thanks! I've recently have gotten interested in Unity Analytics. I'll be giving this a try!
  • Hey cool! I started writing my own Action for Analytics but it's not nearly as full-featured as yours, thanks.
  • Hi Jens, just letting you know I've added your script to the newly created Adventure Creator Wikia. I put your name in the article and quoted your first post. Hope it's not a bother. Anyway, happy developing! 
  • Can anyone guess how much tweaking that custom action would need in order to work today?

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