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Custom interaction menus not showing up


I ahve some custom interaction cursors like pickup and move to, they work well when "single use" is active on the hotspot but dont work when this is unchecked. Also I have noticed they show up when Adventure Creator is selected and not Unity UI prefab for the interactions menu. 

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Thank you! =)

Best regards
Joao Garin


  • If you create new cursor icons, you will have to amend the Interaction Menu in order to show them.  If you make use of Unity UI for your Menu, you will also have to update the InteractionUI prefab.  This should just be a case of creating a new button for each new icon, and linking it to the new Interaction elements created in the Menu Manager.

    If you need more help, please post some images showing what you've gotten done so far so that we can tell you where to go from there.
  • Hello,

    Not sure where I am supposed to add this in the InteractionUI prefab. Is that a component that I should be adding? 

    What I did was : 

    Add new cursor with the images
    Add new Interactions in the Interaction menu (interaction elements)
    Link the previous two together in the Cursor option of the Interaction element created

  • You're nearly there.  Drag your InteractionUI prefab into the scene, enable it and expand the Grid child object.  You'll see buttons for the default icons: btnUse (for Use), etc.

    Duplicate one for each of your new icons, rename them, and change the Image sprite field on each.  Then drag each new Button GameObject into the associated Linked button field in the Menu Manager.  The GameObject's Constant ID number will then be listed below.  Apply your changes made back to the original prefab (click Apply at the top of the Inspector) and remove it from the scene.  The buttons should then be linked to the Menu Manager, and will only show when appropriate.
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    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for the help, I did all of that and It followed what you are saying but my icon still does not show up in the scene..the constant ID was saved. I can see if I put the InteractionUI back in the scene that it was in fact applied on the prefab. So everything you described there happened fine but still I dont see the button..



  • Just to clarify: 2147483647 is the Constant ID number of your btnPicking object, correct?

    Did you move the position of the new button so that it sits next to the pre-existing ones?  If not, it may be displaying underneath the "look" icon.  Otherwise, do any relevant error messages or warnings appear in the Console?
  • Okay I figured it out finaly!! If you look at the first screenshot when I duplicated the look action the scale didnt go through so the button was at a scale of 0,0,0. I just set it to the same scale as the other buttons and now it shows up! uff! 

    Thank you Chris! 
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