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Replicating The Resonance UI

Hey everyone, 

we've been toying with the idea of a Resonance-type UI. For those who are unfamiliar with this great Wadjet Eye game, it allows you to drag hotspots and drop them into your inventory (to remember details from a scene)

How would you go about replicating it with AC?

You can of course create an interaction that triggers the action list "inventory: select item". But you cannot drag and drop. Only click to select.

You could create invisible drag and drop inventories and place them over each hotspot. But that's pretty tedious.

Could modify the hotspot script?

Feels like there's a very evident solution we're missing.  Any ideas? 


  • Are you certain about not being able to drag and drop?  Have you enabled Drag and drop inventory interface? in the Settings Manager, and what are your various Interaction settings?

  • Yes we did try enabling the drag and drop inventory interface. 

    As mentioned in another thread, we have an interaction called Combine. When clicking on it, it triggers the action list Inventory: Select Item. 

    It works fine without the drag and drop inventory. You can click Combine, and you are then "holding the item". But when drag and drop is enabled the item is not selected. 

    Again, not sure if this can be replicated by everyone it or just a problem with our own setup?

  • And this happens in a new scene too. 
  • It works for me - holding down the button when clicking an Interaction icon that selects an item causes it to remain selected until I let go.  Again, I'll need to know your full interaction settings - a screenshot of the top half of your Settings Manager will do.
  • Oh great to hear it can be done! Anything screwy with our setup then?

  • edited October 2016
    Looks fine to me.  You're test with two separate clicks, I take it?  i.e. one to bring up the Interaction menu, then another to click the icon.  Holding the second click should retain the selected item so long as the Interaction's Action is Inventory: Select.

    Perhaps load up the 2D Demo's Managers, as that's what I'm working with and it'll help if we're both looking at the same thing.  Add a new "Talk" interaction to the Bench which selects the Worm inventory, and make sure drag-and-drop is enabled in the 2DDemo_SettingsManager.
  • Yes, two clicks. Upon the second click, it looks like the item is selected for a split second, but then impossible to retain it. 

    Think we're going to leave it for now anyhow as the "click to hold" function makes more sense. 

    In any case, thanks a bunch for the amazing support. We're happy to provide more info if anyone runs into the same problem at some point. 
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