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I still don't know how to minimally import AC. I red section 1.7, but I'm confused:-)

1. I imported full AC package
2. Used New Game Wizard
3. Then I deleted AdventureCreator folder, but AC menu in Unity and AC Editor disappeared

What folders I can delete?

I want just blank project with AC without any unnecesary folders and files.

Thanks for answer!


  • Don't delete the AdventureCreator folder!  The Managers that the New Game Wizard still rely on the scripts and prefabs within there.

    Instead, you can delete the 2DDemo subfolder.  If you are not relying on the default Menus, you can also delete the Demo folder - but otherwise you'll have to keep the folders that are mentioned in Section 1.7.
  • Oh, ok, thanks for quick answer!
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