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Pyramid 2016 Demo now out!


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    Wery cool  :) Great atmosphere. I love these type of Indiana Jones adventures... also realy like the head boobing implementation. Looks more realistic and natural. It would be great adition in AC 
  • Thanks, that script was written by Alverik. He is on this forum somewhere, you can ask him, he might send it to you.
  • NOTE:
    Be sure to scroll down, I noticed a lot of traffic from this site to gamejolt but no downloads and saw that it says BUY GAME at the top the page when it opens up.
    Scroll down to see the DEMO link, it is free!
  • Yes,I found it! Just play it right now  :)
  • Hello, just reposting some info my friend (Notso) posted some time ago, but forgot to do it on our current thread:

    Pyramid VR - Released on Steam Early Access

    Using Adventure Creator we have made our game into a VR world to behold! 
    (Currently working on a better video and one in 360 for full view!)

    Took a lot of scripting (thanks Alverik!) and help from others on the forum but we did it.
    Please help support us and other indie devs!

  • The current video shows very little gameplay though, half in purpose. And some things in our systems and overall content need to be spruced up a bit. But we now have real player input, so we'll slowly get everything worked out! 

    Anyway, any feedback or comments will be appreciated! (Ah, the Pre-Release is at $0.99c).
  • The locomotion isn't great yet it seems to walk regardless whether I've moved the track pad or not.
    Also its a little un-intuitive to pick up items but I got it eventually. I will play a bit more as I'm very interested in VR and adventure games and it's great to see you've made this with Unity and Adventure Creator.

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    Yeah, there's a lot of work to do yet. Though I'm relying on VRTK for locomotion mostly, and well picking things up is also a VRTK feature (But I've integrated it into AC for it to run actionlist categories within the hotpots automatically depending on VRTK events). 

    I think the biggest issue is that we don't yet have a proper tutorial or explanations and stuff. For example, right now you have to hold the grip to take non-storable items, and that's sort of confusing for people (it really should be the same no matter what object it is, but we needed to differentiate stuff while we don't have a feedback system). I know the game still doesn't return much feedback to the player. I actually worked on an outline highlighting system to let people know if they're in the green to Hold/use/combine something (and to know if it's within the torches range for examining hotpots), but I've had an issue with the shader (outline doesn't align in VR... and VRTK's own outlining method is a bit of a pain and causes some conflict with its own regular highlighting, though VRTK's and AC' regular highlighting aren't to my taste either... though, I'd like to keep both types of highlighting if possible). I'm also new to VR and I'm not that good with shader coding yet, lol (the actual shader I got, I got it from a free asset... so yeah... I'm still very noob at shader coding). 

    There's also a lot of features hidden there that we are still not really using much if at all (most probably will just use them for the next project). 

    You can actually setup item categories (Store,extract, pickup, drop, combine) so your actionlists get triggered automatically upon VRTK's control events (similarly for regular hotspots). Torch can also run a Far or Near actionlist when examining items, but only one is setup for every hotspot rigth now so it's unnoticeable (hoping to use that system for a flashlight or other lightning tools eventually). Torch also really takes into account if there's light or not to allow examining. I also have a Sight trigger that can run a "listed" actionlist if you look at a "listed" object type long enough. You'll notice you hear a sword sound if you look long enough at an storable item (actionlist has a cooldown though, else you would hear that sound a lot, and it'd become annoying)... but sadly that little test has been the only thing I've used it for yet.

    There's also plenty other things we haven't yet uploaded, cause they're WIP (The code in the build in the steam page is pretty outdated by now I think). But with just two people and very little time it's been dragging a bit lately (specially cause my friend is moving soon and I've been busy with my day job and other stuff).

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear your opinion, hopefully you can provide us with more feedback in the future.
  • I'm not sure if it's just me but I still think we get unintentional movement. Happy to test more for you, would be interested how you got the steamVR camera's working in AC perfectly. Just learning stuff myself.
  • Unfortunately, I don't own a VR headset (too expensive for me), so the one who does the real testing is my friend/teammate. Because of that I haven't been able to really test the feel of the game. I do have heard some people say that the touchpad walking input is a little too sensitive. I'll have to talk with my friend and ask him. Also, did you use Vive or Rift?

    About the camera, that's an easy trick, though it was hard to figure it out. Just delete all the cameras created by AC or Unity by default (so no MainCamera or regular GameCameras), then just stick AC's MainCamera script to the steamVR eye camera (and tag it MainCamera). That way the Player becomes the main camera. You won't be able to do camera swicthing though (but, um, you don't do that in VR anyways...). 

    But that may not be enough to get it working (I'm using VRTK though, not just SteamVR). I remember having strange collision issues after that (ie: player falling through the floor), though I don't remember well now, lol. But, I know I ended up having the AC player script on the top parent, then I just parented my VRTK Player inside it (rig object had to be tagged as Player too)... 

    umm, anyway, it was a battle to integrate AC with VRTK, lol.
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