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hotspot.RunExamineInteraction() vs hotspot.RunUseInteraction(IconId)

edited December 2016 in Technical Q&A
Hi, this might be a silly question but how do Use interactions differ (in the way they're defined/created) from the Examine interaction? In my VR integration I have this script for a collider trigger that will run all examine based operations when touched - it opens hotspot and interaction UI, and it' supposed to immediately run the "Examine" interaction (to be used for Torches, flash lights,lookinGlasses, plain left controller, etc). 

Well, I noticed, for hotspots, we have both RunUseInteraction(IconId) and RunExamineInteraction(), so I first tried the examine one, but soon realized we were just using Use interactions categorized by Icon Ids (so using that one did nothing)... well, I fixed my code to use Use interactions defined by a category Id that the user can define, but, how in the hell is an examine interaction then defined in a hotspot then? The curiosity is killing me and I can't for the life of me recall, and the RunExamineInteraction() just says: it runs an "Examine" interaction if it's defined...


  • Examine interactions are a special-case interaction when your Interaction method is set to Context Sensitive.  It basically allows for an additional (right-click) interaction for Hotspots, that's traditionally a "look" interaction in single-click adventure games.

    When using an Interaction menu, you define exactly what Interactions each Hotspot has, so the Examine isn't used or defined within the Hotspot Inspector.  You could assign it manually via script, however.
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