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Does RunUseInteraction() run unhandled interactions?

Hi, well, this one is just as the title says, does RunUseInteraction() or RunUseInteraction(IcondId) run unhandled interactions? I've been looking at the hotspot's methods and I don't see a specific method to call unhandled interactions, so I'm wondering if the method itself will do the required work? I'm in need to know, due to the AC VR integration I'm working on. Currently I have the right hand running Use interactions categorized under the Use icon Id in the cursor manager (the icon Id can be defined to whatever the user wants, though), and a torch running the examine interactions automatically when the "fire" gets close enough to "light" the objects. But I'm not sure if the current code will deal with Unhandled interactions, and I want to cover every possible AC feature if possible. 

By the way, the integration is looking more and more like an actual asset now, lol. (still a few things to iron out though).


  • Yes, should do.  There are several types of unhandled interaction though, which ones are you talking about specifically?
  • Hotspot unhandled interactions, I think? I actually have the items themselves running the Combine method (when in contact with other items) and the inventory interactions (when an Item is in contact with a hotspot):

    KickStarter.runtimeInventory.Combine(AcItem, _otherACItem);

    if (hotspot.HasInventoryInteraction(AcItem))

    Will this methods run their respective unhandled interactions or how would that work? 
  • You're talking about per-Hotspot unhandled interactions when Inventory items are used on them?

    As you're first checking to see if such an interaction exsits (with HasInventoryInteraction), RunInventoryInteraction is only ever going to run specific item interactions - unhandled ones won't be able to be called.
  • edited December 2016
    Ah, ok. I'll remove that check then. I put it there with doubts, but I wanted to avoid errors if possible. should I remove this check too?

     //check if they are combineable
            if (AcItem.DoesHaveInventoryInteraction(_otherACItem))
                //combine items (ie: run assigned combine actionlists assets)
                KickStarter.runtimeInventory.Combine(AcItem, _otherACItem);
  • If you want unhandled interactions to run, then yes.
  • ok, thanks!
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