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Proper way to summon Hotspot and interaction menus.

Hi, again! I was wondering what was the correct way to summon the Hotspot and interaction menus for an specific hotspot? A few weeks ago, I only managed to see methods for interaction menus: 


I also tried getting the list of menus from PlayerMenus, I think, and doing a foreach to turn on all hotspot appeartype menus but was unsuccessful in turning on the hotspot title menu. I even tried to force my examine controller/torch to "select" a hotspot at the same time but I imagine that I didn't do it right because it never worked properly, so I ended up having to keep the AC's Hotspot Detector in the torch too just to activate the hotspot related menus.

Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


  • AC currently has trouble activating an Interaction menu for a given Hotspot, which I will revisit now you've brought it up.

    The Hotspot Menu, however, is a different story.  So far as the internal workings go, the Hotspot Menu / label is a separate entity to the "Hotspot" prefab, and is AC's own internal string calculation of the current state (mouse position, selected item, etc).

    If you wanted to show any Hotspot's name as a label, you would be better off simply reading the Hotspot component's GetFullLabel() string.  Otherwise, you'd have to look into overriding AC's perceived mouse position with an InputMousePositionDelegate (see this tutorial for more on this concept).
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