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[Feature Request] OnCombineItem Event.

Hi, I've recently found a situation where I'd like figure out the resulting item from an item on item combination. So I just wanted to know if we could get an OnCombineItem Event which can provide a reference to the created item? I think that would be incredibly useful (in my case I want it to spawn a prefab automatically depending on the InvItem's editor label), it would also be great if the event can provide references for the items used in the combination. and I'm sure it might be useful for others some day.


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    weird, I didn't see it? anyway, thanks! But, what I really want is a reference to the resulting item from a combination, so that I can spawn the item in the 3D world manually, if desired. Is there any function I can use to get this instead?
  • Combining two items doesn't inherently produce a third - that's down to the ActionList that it then runs.  A script that does the equivalent would similarly have to remove the two items and add a third, via the AC.KickStarter.runtimeInventory functions.
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    Right, I just thought it would be cool if the 3D items could spawn the expected item in one go, but it's really not necessary for the project. I guess I was thinking of it similar to crafting. Maybe, I'll try OnInventoryAdd instead. But, anyway, it's really not that important.
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