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Tango, adventure game (yes for the four time)

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Tango, adventure game is a personal project that starts more than 4 years ago. It was an investigation work, looking the life of one of the most famous Tango singer as Carlos Gardel. I study the life, his movies, music, etc. It was a really in the spot in the 30s. So the start was good bad it was a really big thing. So i decided to split in four chapters. So them i need an artist for Tango, but well it wasn´t easy without any money for the project. It was a difficult thing becose the game start in 3d, then the artist gone and found another one but i have to turn to 2d, again get out for personal business so change again. In all of this change we made something playable, we went to different shows and expos. But well the last one gone and i was one step closer to end the project. It was a time to move on with a different kind of games. The problem, i´m quit my job and had one goal publish this game. So i found another guy to make the art.
The thing to make a short story is we are back. We get money support from our nation, and have a full group working in the first chapter. Here are the first screen of the game.
Thanks for the community and thanks @ChrisIceBox ; he is the man!



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