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Schäferstündchen Adventures - My transmedia/games thesis (Big Screenshots)

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Hello and welcome to

Schäferstündchen Adventures

This game is my thesis after studying transmedia/games (producing) for round about 3 years.
It was made with a lot of help of my fellow students. And as many of you have guessed, it is an adventure.

The game "Schäferstündchen Adventures" is based on the boardgame "Schäferstündchen" by King Racoon Games and Felix Mertikat. The thesis itself includes the expanded storyworld, a prototype and a self contained story, within our storyworld.
The main protagonists are Leon (the shepherds son from the village) and Aska (the bandit chiefs daughter) who, at least in the main story get to know each other, while the valley they both live in slowly but surely sinks into chaos due to an unsolved mystery.

The Prototype takes place at an imaginary point in the main timeline, when Leon and Aska have already met and befriended each other.
Aska found a treasure map and wants Leon to join her hunt for the treasure, marked in said map. Leon however isn't much in the mood for this, since he worries about his house sheep Olli, which has run away.
Leon begins to wonder, as he finds out a few strange things about this map.

What's up with that map?
Why does it seem like Aska knows more about the treasure hunt than she admits?
And are they both really alone in this forest?

Produced as part of the subject area Interactive Media at the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.



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