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Unity UI button doesn't respond to clicks

Hello, I followed step-by-step the "Creating a 2.5D game" video tutorial and struggled at making unity ui button run action lists;
Here are some screenshots to show the properties of my menu and the button (I am using the latest AC version 1.55c):

I also have an older AC version 1.49 installed on my wife's pc and and with the 1.49 it's working fine, so I guess it's only the issue with the newer ac versions.


  • Everything certainly looks fine in the images.  Is the Button's Canvas correctly sized, and have you tried running the "SayHello_actionlist" manually to check that it runs correctly?

    What version of Unity are you running, and on what platform?  Try placing a new EventSystem object in your scene (GameObject -> UI -> Event System).  Does that make a difference?
  • Thanks for the quick response.

    I've just updated Unity to the latest version and the problem has gone away.
    Thanks :~)
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