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Update 1.56 - Performance and refinement



  • Hi Chris,

    I'v just updated to newest version 1.56a
    and now I have strange bug with inventory categories.
    Here is what's happening:
    I have 2 categories:
    1st "normal"
    2nd "special"
    (it's for 2 separate inventories 1 I'v just created 2 nd yesterday).

    If in "standard" Inventory I select option "limit by category" than objects dissapear after combining ... (I combine 2 objects result should be 3 rd object - in same category- but after combining 2 "precombined dissapear" and 1 "should appear object" is not apearing as well).
    Before (previous to categories it worked just fine).

    Also when I turn off "limit by category" it works just fine.

    2 nd bug - objects are not rearanging in inventory box (when I disable "limit by category" option than objects are possibe to rearange again... ).

    Is it possible to fix this bug quickly ?
    (as I should show newest build to my producers soon ;]).

    Before I had just 1 basic category, and created 2 separate categories just yesterday - maybe it's not overriding something ?

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    @tawny: Under what conditions does crossfading occur instantly?  Please post details with screenshots in a new thread.

    @IndorWojciech: I can't recreate the first issue.  The more detail I have, the more quickly I can fix an issue.  Try creating a new inventory item and add that one instead - does that work?  Then please post a new thread with screenshots that clearly show the issue, including your Inventory items, inventory menu, and ActionList.

    The second issue is not a bug.  As the Console states, re-arranging is not currently possible in an Inventory menu limited by category.  Be aware that removing it is not a trivial matter, but I will revisit this restriction.
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    For some reason now it works okay 
    (maybe I had some option checked before...)
    Can't tell...
    this was for Issue nr. 1

    Issue nr 2:
    Rearanging thing would be great to add, (no hurry if this is complicated, I can wait, for me it would be verry useful, and apreciated by others as well, I guess).

    Its all about "feeling of inventory", when You can not rearange it feels like something is broken, (like a bug), I guess all adventure games has this basic ability to rearange.
    Thanks in advance I hope it will be possible ! ;]

  • Uh oh - posting here as it's still in the current update cycle:

    All my auto-created variables disappeared without a trace today. 
    I've no idea why - anyone had the same problem?

    Where can I look in my backup to try and find them again?
  • edited March 2017
    @Calligram_Studios: It looks like there's an issue with auto-created variables not saving correctly depending on the version of Unity.  If they are in a backup, they'll be stored in your scene file if local, and the Variables Manager asset if global.  I shall fix this for v1.56b so that this doesn't happen again - I apologise if this caused you problems.
  • Ah phew - relieved it wasn't something I did. 

    No big deal for me, I'm happy to create them manually until it's fixed - thanks!
  • Version 1.56b
    • Added: When "Player Vicinity" is used to detect Hotspots, distant Hotspots will be placed on a separate layer (can be disabled)
    • Added: Re-skin of Actions in the ActionList Editor window, so that overlapping Actions are more readable
    • Added: "Straight To Cursor" movement method will make use of pathfinding if a non-zero "Pathfinding update time" is set
    • Added: Ability to set the 'separation time' between a click and a hold when using "Straight To Cursor" movement method
    • Added: Menus set to appear "On Mouse Over" can now be set to pause the game when enabled
    • Added: Ability to re-order Inventory menus that are limited by category
    • Added: Ability to limit a Container’s items by Inventory Item categories
    • Added: Option to smooth the movement of Unity UI Prefab-based Menus that either follow the cursor or characters
    • Added: Section to manual that describes each available input's purpose
    • Added: If the MusicEngine prefab does not have the MusicCrossfade component it requires, it will be created automatically
    • Added: Warning message if a Hotspot Detector is placed on the same layer used by Hotspots, as this creates a conflict
    • Added: IsAnySpeechPlaying function to Dialog script
    • Changed: Increased the "Variable: Run sequence" Action's maximum possible outputs to 20
    • Fixed: Error when transferring items to and from Containers in v1.56
    • Fixed: Menu positioning issues when an aspect ratio is enforced
    • Fixed: Variables auto-created with the “Variables: Run sequence” Action not saving correctly
    • Fixed: Issue with Hotspots not always highlighting when using “Player Vicinity” to detect them, and the input method is set to Touch Screen
    • Fixed: Inventory Box menu elements showing "Limit by category" options for the wrong type setting
    • Fixed: Menus set to appear "During Gameplay" blocking the cursor even if "Ignore Cursor clicks?" is checked
    • Fixed: "Mouse ScrollWheel" input being listed as "MouseScrollWheel" under the list of available inputs
    • Fixed: Not being able to copy certain Menu Manager field references to the text buffer when right-clicking their labels
  • Wow, could've called it 1.57.
  • Added: "Straight To Cursor" movement method will make use of pathfinding if a non-zero "Pathfinding update time" is set
    Added: Ability to set the 'separation time' between a click and a hold when using "Straight To Cursor" movement method

  • Version 1.56c
    • Added: "ActionCheckTemplate" file - use as a template for custom Actions that check for a condition and have two outputs
    • Added: The "Inventory: Check" Action can now be used to check how many items the Player is carrying, as well as if specific items are held
    • Fixed: Menus with Unity UI-linked Buttons set to Simulate Input not responding to held presses
    • Fixed: Game hanging in a permanent cutscene if the "Object: Add or remove" Action is used to remove an ActionList while running
    • Fixed: The "Object: Send message" Action's "Player line?” field being incorrectly labelled - it is now "Affect Player?"
    • Fixed: Music resuming features not working if the “Sound: Play music” Action is used to stop music when none is playing
  • Thank you for the cool updates and awesome support.
  • Also, a new tutorial on creating an on-screen joystick.  Credit goes to @Alverik for the CN Controls integration code.

    @Nick: No problem!  Asset Store reviews are more than welcome :)
  • Version 1.56d:
    • Added: If a Hotspot is passed as a GameObject parameter to the “Character: Move to point” Action, the Hotspot’s “Walk-to Marker” will be assigned as the destination
    • Added: Option to move characters with their Rigidbody2D components if present, as opposed to moving their transforms
    • Added: API references for Menu Element properties can now be copied by right-clicking their fields
    • Added: Option to allow Menus that appear when speech plays to show when the game is paused
    • Fixed: Critical issue when using a Crafting Menu in v1.56b and v1.56c
    • Fixed: Hotspot not always being passed as a GameObject parameter to Unhandled interactions
    • Fixed: Error when hovering over inventory in rare circumstances
    • Fixed: Unity UI In Scene-based Menus not loading in Unity 5.6
  • Oh, hot damn!  Thank you so much for these awesome fixes!!!

    Definitely a super useful update.
  • More on the way!
  • The weekly bugfix update series continues...

    Version 1.56e
    • Upgrade note: A Menu’s “ActionList when turn off” will now be run whenever another Menu forces it off - i.e. when crossfading
    • Added: Option to Unity UI-sourced Menus to auto-select the first-visible Element, as opposed to referencing an Element by name
    • Added: Option to close Interaction menus if the associated Hotspot is no longer in the Player’s vicinity, and the Hotspot detection method is set to Player Vicinity
    • Added: When using a Unity UI-based Interaction menu with “Cycling Menu And Clicking Hotspot” interaction mode, Interaction and InventoryBox elements are now highlighted
    • Changed: If options data is reset in the Settings Manager, and player profiles are enabled, the default profile will be made active
    • Fixed: Issue when displaying speech text with a [hold] tag at the same time as a Conversation
    • Fixed: Menu property “ActionList when turn off” not always running when it should
    • Fixed: Various cursor issues when interactions are run by cycling cursors
    • Fixed: Option-linked Variables not loading correctly in rare circumstances
    • Fixed: Rare console error when using a Hotspot Detector
    • Fixed: BackgroundCamera prefab showing gizmos in the Game window when building 2.5D games
  • Version 1.56f
    • Added: Ability to limit which characters stop speaking when using the “Dialogue: Stop speech” Action
    • Added: Option to reset the cursor icon when re-selecting a Hotspot if “Select interactions by” is set to “Cycling Cursor And Clicking Hotspot”
    • Added: Option to display narration text forever until user skips it
    • Added: Ability to run an ActionList when the “Inventory: Crafting” Action is used to update a Crafting element, but no suitable recipe is found
    • Added: Functions to ActionList and ActionListAsset scripts to run Actions from a set index
    • Added: Function to GameCamera2D component to manually set the horizontal and vertical panning offsets
    • Added: Clicking Console outputs when searching for Action instances in Actions Manager will ping the associated ActionList
    • Fixed: Delay in ending the “Dialogue: Play speech” Action if the “Dialogue: Stop speech” Action is used to end it’s line of speech
    • Fixed: Issue when multiple ActionLists that un-pause the game simultaneously
    • Fixed: Parameters set in the Highlight component’s custom events UI not being saved
    • Fixed: Issue with Unity UI-based Slider menu elements
  • Just a heads up for everyone, it looks like 1.56g is available on the store.  Posting the release notes for Chris so he can continue relaxing! :)

    = Version 1.56g =
    -Added: Option to the “Object: Add or remove” Action to position the instantiated item relative to another GameObject
    -Added: Option to the “Object: Teleport” Action to position the teleported object relative to another GameObject
    -Added: Ability to manually assign a Sprites Unity Complex-based character’s Animator component if the sprite child has no Animator
    -Added: The Follow Sorting Map component will now work if is not added to a Sprite Renderer, but has Sprite Renderer children and “Also affect children?” is checked
    -Fixed: Rare issue with Hotspot icons when changing scene in Unity 5.6
    -Fixed: “Menu: Set Input box text” Action not updating Unity UI-based Input boxes
  • edited April 2017
    Shortly after upgrading to Unity 5.6.0f3 and AC 1.56g, I now receive the following error when opening the ActionList Editor:

    IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.
    AC.ActionListEditorWindow.NodesGUI (Boolean isAsset) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/ActionList/Editor/ActionListEditorWindow.cs:912)
    AC.ActionListEditorWindow.OnGUI () (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/ActionList/Editor/ActionListEditorWindow.cs:341)
    System.Reflection.MonoMethod.Invoke (System.Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, System.Reflection.Binder binder, System.Object[] parameters, System.Globalization.CultureInfo culture) (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/mono/build/mcs/class/corlib/System.Reflection/MonoMethod.cs:222)

    Has anybody else had this issue? Thanks.
  • edited April 2017
    Hi, next time please post bugs or technical questions in the Technical Q&A page (I almost didn't see your post, lol).

    Anyway, does this error happen when opening any actionlist with the actionlist editor or just with an specific one? This sounds most likely an issue with the actionlists not the editor. Have you tried creating a new actionlist asset just to see if the editor works with a new one? Also, what AC version did you used to have? I've seen cases of corrupted data when one upgrades from a very old AC version. Though, we've also seen a lot of corrupted data reports from people upgrading from Unity 5.5 to 5.6. It may be worth it to reimport your actionlists (right click, re-import) Or delete your project's library folder and let Unity rebuild it.

    In any case, make sure to always have a backup of your project, you never know when updating AC or Unity can corrupt your files (that goes doubly true about updating Unity).
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