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Update 1.56 - Performance and refinement



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    Sorry, I saw some other folks posting here following their update issues so thought this was the right context for the post.

    To answer your questions: the problem seems to exist in the editor, as I can't even create a new actionlist without getting this error (there's just the word "Start" in the top left corner of the window). Also, I upgraded from 1.53 and I tried to rebuild the library folder but that didn't fix it.

    UPDATE: Upon further testing, I was able to resolve my issue. I had previously followed AC update instructions that were once reliable, but this time around those same instructions caused the issue.
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    Hi, good to hear you resolved you issue :). Anyway, if you have the time, it would be helpful if you could explain what exactly caused your issue, just in case other people encounter it. Cheers!

    (By the way, about posting in the update info page. It's not a problem when the update has just come out, cause the page gets a lot of attention, but after a while update info pages tend to go silent, so new posts become easy to miss...).
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    Good point. Well, I used this tutorial:

    It's served me well in the past, but one of the things the author does is uncheck "resources > references.asset" before importing. For some reason, this caused my problems. I simply had to reimport with that checked.
  • @minhta: The code referenced in your bug report makes reference to the ACNodeSkin file present in /Assets/AdventureCreator/Graphics/Skins.

    That particular asset was updated in v1.56, and not importing it would cause such an error to display.  Not importing the References asset as usual should make no difference, however - so I'm a little confused but glad it's at least working for you now.
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    Man .. That what you did with that framework is incredible . I played around with it on version 1.3 and it was awesome already but  now ... Wow you expand it so much since then  ! Honestly you can make much more  than "adventure game " I implemented even simple survival features in my project  withou line of code :) Keep  up  greate work ! 
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