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Text Mesh Pro is free now

Seems the author got it picked up by Unity, so now they've made it a free asset and will one day just be integrated in Unity.!/content/84126

Looks like there is some kind of way to use it with AC:


  • Didn't see that coming - but great news!
  • I've never tried it, but very nice :)
  • edited March 2017
    Great stuff!  Thanks for the heads up! Just to return the favor, don't forget to check Cinemachine too! It's a superb (AAA) quality camera system, which also became free recently. Not all of the features are out yet, but I'm already loving it! :) There's no real big need for an integration with AC too (as the camera does the shot composing and everything by itself), Just ignore AC's own camera system and it'll work.
  • This is great news. Also,  there is new timeline tool in unity 5.6  ;)
  • @Alverik, man that is a nifty camera tool. Good find!
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