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Beginner Question on Setting up Game

edited August 2014 in Technical Q&A
I'm sure this will end up being a very basic and obvious answer but it has me stumped.  I use the New Game Whiz and set it as a 2D game, using whatever defaults into the wizard.  When that is done I create a Resources folder under the Game folder that was created.  I then copy the 'Brain2D' character from the 2D Demo > Resources folder to the Resources folder in the game I created. 
At this point I open the Game Editor > Settings tab and hit the popup for the Player under the Character Settings heading but the list is blank.  I have tried creating my own prefab as well by following the steps in the Manual but I'm obviously missing something very fundamental. 
Any pointers in the right direction or ideas?  Is what I'm trying to do too simplistic to work (I just want to understand how to create a player and npc at this point).
Thanks in advance


  • Did you drag your prefab from the project folder to the empty slot on the list?
  • [slaps forehead] yeah, that would be the problem.  That and I'm an idiot.  Thanks Benjamin.
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