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feature suggestion: onPause don't hide subtitles

I have a pause button which only pauses the game in the right top corner.
When the game is paused the subtitles are hidden.

it would be great if we could define this behaviour in the settings


  • By definition, pausing the game will pause character's speech.  Are you looking to have the speech continue when paused, or just stay there indefinitely?  I'm not sure either would be used enough among other users to warrant a specific setting, but there'll be a workaround.

    The former can be done by not pausing the game, but instead using the Engine: Manage systems Action to prevent player interaction and movement while the pause menu is open.

    The latter can probably be done by creating another Subtitles Menu that's Appear type is set to Manual, and turning it on as the same time as your Pause menu - effectively swapping out the regular Menu for a "pause-only" one.

    You could also just rely on this "Manual" Subtitle Menu entirely - though you'd need to incorporate a custom event to turn it on and off whenever speech starts and stops.  A tutorial on custom events, which demonstrates the use of the OnStartSpeech even, can be found here.
  • I have a separate Pause-Button which just pauses the game.
    A tester noticed that the subtitles disappear when the game pauses.
    So he expected just a Screenfreeze, to be able to read the subs.

    Thank you for the hint with the Events, pretty cool.

    I will put this issue in the backlog for now.
    Writing custom subtitle scripts would be an overkill for me in this state, I don't want to break anything.
    I need the Pause as I got complex cutscenes that need to be pauseable.
    I'm not sure manage systems could do the trick.


  • AC turns off Subtitle Menus in PlayerMenus.cs line 1295:

    menu.TurnOff ();

    If you comment that out, does that do the trick?
  • Perfect! Thank you! 

    ( line number 1259 )
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