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loading progress Unity UI doesn't show up

ac156c, u544p4

Based on the Tutorial

I was able to get the progress bar .
When switching to Unity UI, adding a text and a slider and prefab + panel rect, etc.
It doesn't show up.

My settings:
[ x ] Always reload scene when loading a save file?
[ x] Load scenes async
[   ]  use loading screen

the scene switching action has checked this:
[ x ] Overlay current screen during switch

if not , a black screen appears
but in both cases no unity ui canvas visible 
(the game object is enabled though - when I hit pause fast enough)

I have tested the UI by switching it on an of with an action 
(i changed appear type to manual for that test)


  • I will try to recreate.  And when you switch the Source back to Adventure Creator, does it work again?
  • Yes! At the moment I use the Adventure Creator UI.
    But I'm not so sure if the progress bar does anything.
  • This is likely because the camera's fade is overlaying the UI.  You can get around this by relying on Adventure Creator as your Menu's Source.  You can also unset the MainCamera's fade texture in its Inspector, but this will mean you have to rely on a Unity UI Menu for fading manually.

    The progress of the UI is tied to Unity's own progress of the scene loading.  It may be that the value that Unity returns is off.
  • Thank you!
    I will experiment after I fixed the other things.
    For now I stick with AC Loading Menu.
  • I tried removing the Fade texture, but the UI loading won't show up.
    Further the sprite unity complex character gets screwed up for 0.5 seconds on start (maybe because of the 180 rotation when looking down.
    to sum up: causes to many problems. 
    I'll stay with AC UI, that works when scene switching and sometimes with loading.
    so I'll just let it overlay 
    Good enough :) Thx
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