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Adventure Creator - 3D Android Game

Is there any tips or tutorials on how to make 3D android game in adventure creator? I purchased it to make my thesis easier- but I cant find solutions


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    Well, not very different than making a 3D game for other platforms. It's mostly your art and effects that's going to have limitations, and it'll depend on the mobile devices you want to be capable of running your game at max fps. I'll name what comes to mind right now.

    -First be specially be mindful of your textures and camera image effects (those are the most crippling for a mobile device). Try to use the same material in as many objects as possible (with texture atlases, that'll allow better static batching. You can also opt for vertex color painting instead of texturing). Normal maps count here too, as each normal map is an extra texture, so keep those low if you can.

    -Most mobile devices need you to use gamma color space, and forward rendering. 

    -Most mobile devices are also limited to 1 realtime light (that is if you need to use one, else just bake all your lights). Realtime lights and realtime shadows have a major impact in performance, so if you do use a realtime light (like a directional light - ie: the sun), then make sure only the objects that really need to cast shadows actually cast shadows, same for receiving shadows (ie: the floor will never cast shadows, so you can turn off the cast shadow option in its mesh renderer and it'll save a bit of performance). Alternatively you can use Blob shadows instead (Unity has a projector you can use for this, but I'd recommend an asset like Swift Shadows instead.). 

    -Most mobile devices have trouble with Transparency/alpha, so try to keep transparent objects to a minimum (or none).

    -By now most mobile devices are fine displaying a ton of triangles on screen, so a 100k to 200k polys always on screen would be a fine target (people aiming for newer devices sometimes even go for a 1 million as a polygon budget), in this case Occlusion culling is your friend, remember to tag your renderers as occlussion static while you are on the Occlusion tab. (If you are planning to let people play your game in ancient mobile phones you may want to aim something in the 30k or 50k polys always on screen.) 

    -In mobile, the shaders you choose to use can have an impact on performance, the standard shader for example, is not the best one to use when it comes to performance. It's usually best to find shaders which were made with mobile in mind (you could also use legacy ones, write your own or get other shaders in the net, there's ton's of free stuff if you look, like vertex color shaders, triplanar shaders, doublesided, etc).

    -There's a few Linq methods that are also no go in some IOS devices so be careful if you are a programmer and use Linq methods a lot.

    **If what you actually meant is how to actually "develop" the game, then start by watching all AC's video tutorials (yeah, all of them. Each teaches some AC fundamental not touched by the others). Read the manual and check the written tutorials too. It's also expected of you to know how to use Unity (I recommend going through a few video courses or checking their video tutorials, thanks to AC you can skip the programming parts if you want). Bear in mind that a ton of Unity's features don't require you to know any programming at all, so don't be afraid to check their video tutorials.
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