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Changing Navmesh (2d) on the fly

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Hi again!
It's me again, with my 2d game.

I'm currently trying to switch the player between a few location.

What I have:
- A 2d game, with all the locations in just one scene.
- Each location has its specific navmesh
- Each location has its specific camera

When I change location the plan is:
- Teleport the player to a marker in the new location (it works)
- Change the camera (and this works)
- Change the 2d navmesh (seems not working)

I tried to do the following:
- Add the following action 

Engine: Change scene setting
Scene setting to change -> default navmesh
Change Navmesh method -> Change Navmesh
New Navmesh -> newnavmesh

But the Navmesh doesn't change.
I tried to move the player but it still recognizes the previous navmesh. (The player moves back to return there.)

Am I doing it right? Or do I need to set up something else?

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but still I've found no solution on the web.
Thank you very much.


  • There's an unfortunate bug with this Action in 1.27.  See this post for instructions on how to fix it.  It's simple to do, but 1.28 is getting pretty big and won't be out for a while.
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