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bug: inventory shift left and right arrows not visible on crafting close

low prio bug for the time after 30th April


i have 6 visible slots and 8 items
i fill in the crafting slots with random items that don't produce anything
then I close the crafting.

the arrows shift left and right don't appear
closing the inventory and opening it again fixes the issue


  • Shift buttons where, the Inventory menu?  Crafting elements don't support item shifting - you'll need to post some images to show how you mean.
  • u5.4.5p1, ac156g, menu type Unity UI

    The sample image shows an inventory with 6 items (x,y,z,a,b,c)
    a,b,c are not visible because there are only 3 slots.
    shifting shows them
    the crafting menu pops up over the inventory
    I drag x,y,z into the crafting slots and the shift left/right buttons disappear because there are only 3 items in the inventory left.
    then I close the crafting menu (not the inventory) and the items x,y,z are back in the inventory.
    BUT the shift buttons don't show up although there are again 6 items in the inventory.

    closing the inventory and reopening it fixes it. (so mini-bug)

  • And what of your inventory settings?  Do you have Items can be re-ordered in Menu? checked?
  • Fixed for 1.57.
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