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feature: Settings, Speech, GameText -> Locate Source

1) In the Settings, Speech, "Locate Source" is missing for Dialogue Options

2) it would be great if 'locate source" would open the actionlist and scroll to the action
(I often have 100 actions in a actionlist)


  • 1) Done
    2) Not possible, sorry.
  • edited June 2017
    1) Thx
    is it not possible to open the actionlist?
    scrolling works actually

    if (ToolbarButton (position.width-(buttonWidth*9f), buttonWidth*1.5f, showLabel, "TestScroll", 6))
    var aaa =[67];
    Debug.Log ("action : " + (aaa));
    scrollPosition = aaa.nodeRect.position;
  • The Speech Manager cannot access the ActionListEditorWindow script.
  • Oh, ok.
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