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The Shining8 Adventure [GER]

I finished my little game 'The Shining8 Adventure [GER]'.

It is a little point and click adventure game, I created for the 30th anniversary party of Shining8 in 2018. The game language is German only, as it was made only for fun and only for that single event.

It is the fictive story of one of the Shining8 members making his way to the 30th anniversary party. If you play it straight, you can play through the game in about 30 minutes. So its not soo big.

It took a few months spare time / nights to create it. Btw, Shining8 is an 30 year old hacking/cracking/demoscene Amiga/C64 group from Germany. Shining8 is not active any more but some members meet from time to time. You can read more about Shining8 in the German wikipedia.

Have a look at the little website I created. You will find a tease video for the game.

The game will be available for free download after the party which will be held some day in 2018.


NAPALM / Shining8

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