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correct speech order as addition to actionlistname in export-description

I've written a script which temporarily saves the correct order of speech actions or actions in general. It is then possible to get the description for export containing the actionlists name and the position-number. This way it's easy to sort in numbers or in excel and we get the real conversation flow for recording the audio.

(I know I only have one speech in the video but i tested it in many variations (loops, Muli and Check Actions) and with many speech actions)

It took me 6 hours to implement it , and another 6 hours where I failed to make it part of the speechmanager's gather text process. It's too complex for me. 

Could you please take a look at it? 
I think for you it would be pretty easy to integrate it.

Why it is important -->
turned out the speech audio files don't fit together when recorded not being in the correct order. tonalities change, mic distance, ... and the speaker  - to sound realistic - needs to know what the other character said before when there is a conversation.


  • I'll certainly take a look.
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    OK, been through it.

    Not suitable as-is for inclusion, as the process adds too many buttons to the ALE.  However, if I'm reading your principle right - the idea is to have lines shown in the correct order when exported as a "Script sheet", correct?  Such a feature should be hidden and automatic, IMO.

    The same principle can be applied when gathering text, which is something I will incorporate instead.
  • I'm NOT using the scriptsheet
    I'm using the export as csv feature and later import csv
    If you can make the speech lines in the right order thats all I ever wanted

    the right order means NOT ordered by the speech id, NOT ordered my the id in the actionlist array.
    it means ordered like the actions are processed in the game.
    even when there are conditionals with variables or loops

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    Regardless, it should be available for script sheets.

    I shall see about having a "natural order" option when exporting CSV files.  Their order when importing is irrelevant - AC checks the row's ID number, not the order rows are in.
  • "natural order" is a pretty good description.
    Thank you for your efforts.

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