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tiny speech_order improvement with exported csv


the speech order number should have leading zeros or this will happen when sorted

The fix is very simple.

Just use the ToString method on the order number like this

var speech_order_number = 12;
var speech_order_string = speech_order_number.ToString("D" + 4));

Will result in 


  • edited July 2017
    found the line SpeechLine.cs, line 719

            #if UNITY_EDITOR

            public string OrderIdentifier




                    return orderPrefix + orderID.ToString ("D4");





    One more small thing.
    I have about 170 speech actions that are not connected/linked in any way and are just floating in some actionlists.
    I call them via script.

    These speech lines get an empty text in the "Speech Order" Column.
    It would be great if they would get the actionlist name.
    Workaround at the moment is still using the Description and also sort "Description" together with "Speech Order"
  • Thanks, I'll look into the tweak.

    Is this because these other speech lines aren't being listed in the Speech Manager, or because they are not "joined up" in their ActionList?
  • Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    The speech lines are listed in the Speech Manager have a line-id and everything is fine.

    They just get an order value of -0001 in the CSV-Exported Column for Speech Order because they are not "joined up" or "skipped to" or "continued to". I have a some Actionlists starting with a Comment-Action and all other Actions in that List are floating around without being connected to each other in any way.

    I think it would be good to have ActionListName_x in the CSV-Column instead of -1.
    So the information where this speech line is, is always there.

  • I'll look into it.
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