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Customize subtitles

I would like to customize the box of subtitles using a rectangle with rounded corners which however does not have a fixed width but according to the length of the text. I would also like to adjust the distance of the text from the rectangular edges (I have seen that setting Size in Automatic, the text is very attached to the edges). Is it possible to do this? If so, should I start working on Unity UI?


  • With Unity UI, it's possible.  This tutorial covers how to convert an "AC" menu in to a Unity UI one.
  • Thanks, I've been able to customize the subtitles and make them appear in the desired location.
    Some questions:
    changing Source from AC to Unity UI Prefab disappears position and size parameters.
    Is it fair to set them and other parameters through the Prefab or I have to do it from the scene and then overwrite the prefab ? 
    Is it better to use Prefab or In Scene?
    Once I've created the Prefab UI through a new scene (dragging the text in the Linked Text field as shown in the tutorial), can the scene be completely deleted or need to be present in the game?
    Sorry for the many questions.
  • I have also noticed that parameters related to Above Speaking Character are missing and I see that any variation I do on the canvas and panel are not applied I believe because they are overwritten.
    No problem to position the Narrator Box down in the scene but the Speech Box is attached to the character's head, do you know how I can change the position? Unity reads the height of the character to position the panel or is based on other parameters that I can modify?
    Thank you

  • See Section 11.1.2 of the Manual for a rundown of how Unity UI works with AC.

    When using Unity UI, all appearance controls are left to Unity UI.  To modify the look, place the prefab in the scene, make changes, and then Apply them back to the original prefab and remove from the scene.

    "Unity UI Prefab" handles the spawning of the UI across scenes automatically, and should be used unless you want it to appear in World Space - which is really the only need for "Unity UI In Scene" mode.

    When AC controls the position of a Unity UI-based Menu (e.g. "Above Speaking Character") it does so by centering a RectTransform over the intended position.  This will be the RectTransform boundary field in the Menu's properties, so called because it should be a boundary component that covers the width and height of the elements within it.  See the default UI prefabs for other examples (each of the Demo's Menus can be switched to Unity UI).

    The height of the character is calculated automatically, but can be overridden with the Speech menu placement child field in the character's Inspector.
  • Thanks Chris for all your clarifications, I solved with an empty child object attached to the character. 
  • Awesome! Thx
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