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Can't run an action list in Loading Scene

I'm trying to make a loading scene which would randomly display different images or animations (somewhat akin to Skyrim loading screens) but neither an action list, nor a cutscene can't be run in this scene and having several loading scenes doesn't seem to be possible either, so is there any way to allow random loading screens to appear?


  • You're correct that ActionLists can't be run in the loading scene, but custom code that does the same thing can.

    If the scene had a number of disabled sprites facing the camera, it would be quite simple to have a script to enable one of them at random.  Is that the kind of thing you're looking to do?
  • Thanks for pointing at how it could be achieved -- I tried to do it with PlayMaker and it worked.
    Thanks again :~)
  • edited July 2018
    Hi all,
    without PlayMaker how can I run a Cutscene (with a simple camera switch loop) in the Loading scene? There's a workaround or a premade custom code?
  • Custom code can do anything you like - but AC's ActionList system will not run in a loading scene.
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