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Play sounds across scenes, not always working

I've had this issue for a while (about a year and half) but it seems to be getting worse now. I have sounds that play when you open doors to new scenes. The sound does not a have parent in the hierarchy, both "play when paused" and "play across scenes" are checked and Constant ID is applied. I've tried making the sound a prefab, using Remember Sound instead of Constant ID, and any other variations I could make but nothing fixes the issue. Typically the sound will play the first time you interact with it (but not always) and then it will never play again. The issue doesn't affect every door sound, it was only a few random places at first but now it is happening to most of my doors. They're basically all set up the same way, so I can't figure out any type of constant for this issue. Here is generally how the doors are set up: 

Hotspot by door with interaction (in scene, pause gameplay while running, not skippable):
1) play sound
2) camera fade out, wait until finished
3) load "x" scene

The sound/s are 2D
Using direct player movement
2D scenes / cameras
I'm using Unity 5.6.1f1 (64-bit) and AC 1.57a.


  • Do you make use of loading screens, and how long is the fade-out?  If you remove all Actions after the sound plays, does it play every time?
  • edited October 2017
    I don't use loading scenes. The fade varies but the majority of them are .25 sec. Removing all actions besides Play Sound and Scene Switch has no affect (sound plays once then never again). Removing all actions but Play Sound, then the sound plays every time. 
  • In my new scenes I'm working on currently, if I go through one door (no matter which) it will play the sound the first time, then ALL doors (in all scenes) won't play the sound any more. 
  • Thanks, recreated - will work on a fix.
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