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I haven't been following the engine improvements for a while now, but just wondering if Adventure Creator has done anything to support / leverage Unity's incorporation of Anima2D into their 2D pipeline.


  • You can find past discussions on using Anima2D here:

    Anima 2D Sprite Meshes
    Bone Based Characters?
    Anima2D character in a 2D game

    The first link contains a simple script that gets Anima2D to work with Sorting Maps, but other than that it should be possible with careful use of hierarchies and Sprites Unity Complex animation - which are discussed in those links.
  • Thanks, Chris. I had a skim through the 3 pages and the short answer seems to be "it's doable". I was kind of hoping that Unity folding Anima2D into their core tools might mean that we saw a couple of Adventure Creator's features go from being 3D-only to universal; namely, I was thinking of the character head tracking and the ability to hold inventory objects in your hand.
  • I don't know how head-tracking would work as it's still a 2D character, but objects can be parented to a character's hand using the Object: Set parent Action.
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