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bug: gather text for actionlists

ac 159e, u555p1

I have a scene containing a NPC "Bud" and a hotspot with an interaction.
In this interaction I run a newly created actionlist
This new Actionlist-Asset has a speech action for the NPC "Bud" saying "1235"
when I gather text it belongs to the "Narrator" instead of "Bud" 


  • Can you post a shot of the ActionList, and it's entry in the Speech Manager?
  • sure ...
  • Are the Actions' Speaker fields referencing a scene object, or a prefab?
  • edited October 2017
    the referenced dragged-in npcs are scene objects (which also are prefabs for some reasons)
  • Attach ConstantID components to the prefabs and check Retain in prefab?, then make sure the scene objects share them.  Then have the Actions reference the prefabs instead - when the lines play, they'll play from the scene objects that have the same ID.
  • Thank you! That did the trick!
    I got some ID conflicting warnings and new ID assignments to some characters.
    I'll soon re-test the complete game but for now it looks pretty good.
  • I hope it's OK that I comment on a old thread here :)

    I've just experienced the same problem as "dude". Luckily I found this thread, and also that Chris' solution works perfectly :)

    So now I need to go through all of my ActionLists asset files and assign character prefabs instead of scene objects in the Speech actions. A bit dull and time-consuming task. Am I missing something, is there perhaps some easier/faster way to do this?

    Thanks again for all your help!

  • If you enable Player-switching, convert your NPCs to Players and assign them in the Settings Manager as additional Player characters, you can select them via popup in Actions.

    This takes advantage of the fact that inactive Players behave like NPCs - you don't necessarily need to take control of them as the player.

    To convert an NPC to a Player, click the cog icon at the top of the Inspector.

    You'd still have to go through the Actions, but assigning characters via a popup field is a bit neater than assigning prefab files directly. Just be aware that it may change the way you handle such characters, as they'll be spawned/positioned automatically by AC's Player system.

    More on AC's Player-switching workflow can be found here.

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