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Scene Change-Load

Hello! I need a little help. What is the best way or approach for the object to survive the change of the scene? For example:  I have a sword that the player pick up and carries in his hand (sword is a parent with the player) in scene A! So, if the player has a sword in his hand (scene A)  I want, sword to survive the change of scene ,in scene B. As far as I understand from the manual I need a variable on the cutscene: OnLoad which checks whether the object is present( visible) or the player wears it?

 This is just a test. In my case, the player carries a lamp that if it is picked up (in scene A), it should survive the change of scene (scene B) and vice versa!

I run unity 5.6.f1 and AC 1.56g and I can't upgrade to a newer version because I am on 80% to finish the project! I hope I was clear enough.


  • If your Player is spawned at runtime, and survives scene changes themselves, then anything parented to them will also survive the scene change.

    The issue will then be to ensure saving/loading works correctly.  Though you could go down the road of having a lot of variables / checks to attach the correct item upon loading, it's probably easiest to just have any item that can be carried already parented to the player, but with their MeshRenderer disabled.

    When it comes to having the Player appear to pick something up, you just then use the Object: Visibility Action, and a Remember Visibility component on the Player's root object will automatically record the MeshRenderer states for all child objects (so long as Affect children? is checked).
  • Thank's Chris! I made a variable On load and On start to check in any case and for now everything works properly.
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