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Hey there fellow particles! 

I'm working on a first person, psychological horror, point and click, shooter set in an abandoned hotel and surrounding land. 

Click Play Now, to load it up.

The demo shows the aesthetics and some of the locations from the game. This is very early pre-alpha stuff, but I would still enjoy hearing your thoughts.





  • Incredible! Absolutely stunning atmosphere! Well done. I can't wait to see more :)
  • Yeah this atmosphere is really great -good job on that. Some of the textures do look a bit blurry/low-res, I don't know if it's something you're working on?

    Looking forward to see more :)
  • That could be because the YouTube video is only 480p.
  • That could be it. Would love to see it 1080p :)
  • Thanks guys. Yeah, there are a few low res textures in this demo - the door, etc. I'm doing all of the work myself, and as you probably know, it takes a lot of time! I appreciate you taking time to leave feedback and I look forward to sharing more with everyone and creating something special! 
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    Yeah it was the door that especially caught my attention. I havnen't tried the rift yet, but I could imagine that low-res textures really pops in your eye.
    How long have you worked on this so far? And how is it working with AC and the rift?
  • Woah! Horrorific!!! LOL!

    I like the style and the interface looks pretty simple, fast and functional.
    I tryed the demo and works good, i don't like the smoke of the rifle, is too... exaggerated!

    Cool sound fx!

    I'm not completely convinced for the black and white, can't you make soft colors maybe? I like b/w, but not all game long... just my personal opinion! ;p

    Hope to see an update version, the flying wolf scared me! LOL!
    Good job Eric!

  • Thanks for your thoughts 2finger! This is why I'm sharing as I go, I love hearing people's opinions.  I'm going to build the game that I want, but at the same time, It can be insightful to hear what others have to say. 
  • By constantly firing fireballs I made it to some stairs, what did I miss?  Don't really like horror games, that
    dark anyway,  rather
    make an RPG, could you share some tips on the shotgun/fireball implementation? Do you plan some enemy
  • Eric, was there a lot of scripting?
  • Yeah, so visibility is definitely an issue, especially with so many different monitor setups. In the final game I'm going to have some type of brightness adjustment, whether it's tied to the ambient light amount/color or the fog color, etc.  I definitely want it to be comfortable and adjustable for everyone. As far as the shotgun, it was modeled and then imported and parented to the camera. Currently, the pivot point is off which is why there is a crazy rotation effect. The script is pretty simple really. I created a bullet prefab that spawns a particle effect and a bullet hole prefab upon collision.  

    As for enemy attacks, there will definitely be some combat sequences and fully animated enemies with HP etc. 
    I haven't been doing much in the way of progress as far as building the game, mostly planning and working on the story. I'll be nuking a lot of things and starting to build the world from scratch again soon, but keeping the aesthetics and a lot of the prefabs I've already started on. Stay at it everyone!

  • Could you make a downloadable version, I don't have a fast connection. Also, I'd appreciate some tips on how to get the robot shooting a missile, I can do it in Playmaker, do you just hang a 'shoot missile' script on the prefab?
  • Terry- Here's a link to download a build. 

  • @Eric- how do you like the Oculus Rift, it looks like a real-neck-breaker.
  • The neck strain is minimal and the immersion is incredible. For me, no neck issues at all. With the cameras rotation still tethered to the right thumb stick, you can use it in tandem with the Rift and control how much you actually want to move your head. Essentially, you could just stare forward and use it as as screen only and use your normal FPS controls.
  • Looks good!
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