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Bug in Menus options "ActionList when turn on/off" creation

When one clicks the "create" button next to the "ActionList when turn on/off" to create a corresponding ActionList, it works and the ActionList can be edited.

If however, you move to another menu and execute the same operation (create a new ActionList for this menu with the create button), the content of the ActionList is the same as the one previously created (you don't start with a blank ActionList).


  • Can't recreate that - which AC / Unity versions?  You're editing them in the ActionList Editor?  Are the contents also the same in the Inspector?
  • edited November 2017
    This occurs in Unity 5.6.3p2 (64-bit), using AC version 1.60.2.

    Edited them in the Action Editor, after opening them by clicking on their name in the edit box in which they appear after the're created by clicking on the "Create" button.
  • You're certain it showed the name of the new ActionList at the bottom of the window?  I'm all for fixing bugs, but I really can't recreate it nor see how that would occur.
  • Well, I'm able to reproduce it, but it's not a major issue.

    Thanks for your great support, notice that update suggestions seem to rapidly find their way into new releases. Great work!
  • No problem.  It's a strange behaviour to be sure.  This is in Windows?
  • Yes, Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1
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