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Game Loading Screen

I cant find this nowhere or this forum or on tutorials...
Is it possible to add Game Loading Screen to be present before game loads itself 
(My project is quite content heavy and it take about 15 seconds to load up everything), so something like "loading animation" before Splash Screen will be great.
Is it possible and if so than how ? 

BTW I already have this loading made:
 (but this is between scenes)

I need one before all game boots up (loading screen after "Made with Unity " logo)

Thanks a lot for any help!


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    This is more down to Unity rather than AC.

    AC supports scene-preloading when using the Scene: Switch Action while Load scenes asynchronously? is checked.  However, IIRC Unity unloads previously-preloaded scenes when a new request is made.  This is just how Unity works unfortunately.

    To improve performance on the AC side of things in general, see the "Performance and optimisation" chapter of the Manual.
  • Same problem here.
    Basically the "Loading" Menu appears correctly in between scenes. But to launch the whole game it takes about 10-15 seconds on which I just see my screen gray (last frame of the "Made with Unity" splash) and even more seconds on a slower PC (slower Hard Drive). Isn't it possible, in Unity or whatsoever, to create a "Loading" right after Unity splash and before AC game (scenes) are loaded?

  • As with the original post, this is more of a Unity question than an AC one.

    Try setting your first scene to a non-AC, "Loading" scene, which then loads the first proper scene of the game asynchronously. Through scripting, you can also provide e.g. a loading bar to show progress, adapting from e.g.:

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    Will try! Thanks!

  • Ok so I've made it almost work... but there's an issue.

    I created a non-AC loading scene in Unity, followed your link, etc...
    Everything works good, besides the fact that the loading bar goes right away to 100% and the loading scene freezes until the AC scene is actually loaded.
    Meaning: I can get a Unity scene appearing right away the "Made with Unity" splash logo, but that scene somehow is not working properly in a way that is not effectively waiting for the loading time.

    Consider my first AC scene is a very simple menu, therefore fast to load... So I guess that AC loads also its own things somehow before (rather than just the first scene itself)?!
    This will explain the behavior of the Unity Loading Scene (the bar goes quickly to 100%), but the "AC" is not yet loaded, therefore there are still those 10-15 seconds to wait (but at least now with the last frame of my new Unity Loading Scene rather than the "Made with Unity" splash one).

  • I put a small video with the logo on the first stage. Loading fast. There is enough video length to load the main scene asynchronously.

  • "Loading progress" is rarely reliable in any application, but it's value is still based on what Unity deems it.

    If you're looking to optimise AC loading times, be sure to follow all the advice given in the Manual's "Performance and optimisation" chapter.

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    Interesting approach InterSGames, will try!
    ChrisIceBox, yes, I know, but it's very weird that the "Loading Progress" goes almost instantly to 100% and then for the remaining 10 seconds the loading scene is frozen... I'm figuring out if I've done something wrong with my loading scene, or if there's something weird on the way Unity calculate the first AC scene (that in my case is very light), like that is somehow loading lot of bunch of other stuff (maybe AC related?).

    This is the script attached to the Unity Loading Scene:

    Anyway, will dig more "Performance and Optimization".

  • Ok, after more than a month I'm still stuck with the first Loading Screen and I cannot find any satisfaction out of it.
    The thing is: my first scene is very light so it loads quickly (i.e. progress bar reaches 100% almost immediately), but then everything freezes for many seconds (according to the user HD speed, can take up to 30 seconds and even more) waiting to load other things and looks like everything is frozen (progress bar is not moving, stuck at 100%, nothing else moves).
    Most probably that time is the loading time for sprites and other assets, that aren't related with the scene weight itself...
    So I wonder how can I solve this very annoying problem that appears as a "crash" of the game for the very first load (so it's very very unpleasant for users that don't know the game is actually loading).
    Is it possible to start the game WITHOUT loading the default player sprites? My scene 00 is a Title Menu (made following the tutorials), then my scene 01 is the actual first scene of the game. Therefore I don't need the player at all for scene 00 (I also gets errors about PlayerStart, NavMesh, etc... because I don't need any). How can I remove those components of AC on my scene 00 without removing AC entirely? Should I delete something on the Game Engine object?
    I'm getting a headache...

  • You can create a "dummy" Player in your scene to override the default. If this is your first AC scene, it should prevent the default from being spawned.

    A dummy Player can just be an empty GameObject with the Player script, tagged as "Player".

    Optimising your player sprites, and using Timeline to reduce the number of animations needed on the base Animator component can also help to reduce load times.

  • Thanks!
    Should I set the "dummy" Player as "Default" on the Settings Manager? Or simply creating it on the first scene is enough?
    And then I've to switch it to the original one when starting a game?
    Need to dig more into Timeline...

  • Placing a Player in a scene file is enough. When the scene is loaded, this Player will be used instead of the default assigned in the Settings Manager. When you leave that scene, the default Player will again be used - provided the following scene does not also have its own Player.

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