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Camera or Player shaking when moving

I'm using a 2d camera to follow the player and when the camera's follow speed parameter is set to 2 or greater (but less than 200) and when my player's Move with Rigidbody 2D field is checked, my player is shaking when moving. Unchecking "Move with Rigidbody 2D" helps, but I need it enabled.
Here's a gif of the problem:

Hope you can recreate the bug.


  • In what versions of both AC and Unity?

    When you enable Rigidbody movement, a message should appear recommending that you enable Interpolation on your Rigidbody.  What is your Rigidbody's Interpolation value set to, and can you share a screenshot of your Player's full Inspector?

    It also looks like your player's sprite is not correctly positioned - the character seems to flip position when turning.  Is the sprite child placed at (0,0,0)?
  • I've just created a new empty project, updated AC to 1.60.4, but the bug still occurs and it's persistent even with the standard Brain2D character (as you can see on the gif bellow) with Brain2D's "Move with Rigidbody 2D" field checked and I also set Brain2D's Walk speed scale to 12, so the shaking problem would be more apparent.

    The bug is much better visible in a standalone build and it sometimes doesn't appear in the game tab in the Unity editor.
    My Unity version is 5.6.4.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

  • You'll need to provide more detail I'm afraid:  How are you moving the character?  With Direct control?  Is he hitting invisible "wall" colliders?

    If so, this is likely a physics issue and one more to do with Unity than AC.  Since you're moving the character very quickly, you can try lowering the Fixed Timestep value (under Edit -> Project settings -> Time) to compensate.  Be sure to also enable Interpolation when testing with Brain2D.
  • edited December 2017
    I lowered the Fixed Timestep value and it's working fine now!
    Thanks a lot, Chris!
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