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Move data from a trigger into a different scene

I have recently merged a lot of my levels into one. When doing this all the info from my triggers was lost, I still have it in the original scenes. How do I get this information from the old scenes into the new ones? Prefab didnt work nor did copy paste etc. It would be great if I didnt have to re-do this stuff. Cheers.


  • In what version of AC?

    Please provide steps to recreate the problem.  Also know that you can click on a Trigger Inspector's top-right cog icon to convert the Actions to an ActionList asset file.  It might be worth moving them to assets to make them scene-independent, but you can also convert them back into the scene from the asset.
  • 1.54c, recreating would be tough, but basically imagine each scene has an AC engine game object already set up, then you move like 6 scenes into one, and tunr off all but one of the AC engine game objects. I thinking converting it to an actionlist asset file will solve my problem, so I will try that first. Thanks for the lightning fast support Chris, and Merry Xmas!! 
  • I should clarify that the triggers are not lost in my original scene, will let you know how I get on.
  • That seemed to work, I went to the scene where they work, converted to actionlist asset (was very slow) then went to other scene, made trigger use actionlist asset, fired up the actionlist editor -> select all-> copy, then was able to change actionlist back to not using the asset one and open actionlist editor and paste all the stuff in. I am amazed it worked so painlessly. 
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