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Limiting the length of talk animation

So I want to have the player be able to decide when to move on after displaying dialogue text - which is very easily achievable (via checking the "display subtitles forever" checkbox).
However, I now have the very weird situations where a character only says something like "yes" or "Sure, no problem" yet there's talking animation going on "forever" until player clicks to progress...

Is there any way to limit the length of the talking animation relative to the amount of text - but leave the actual text on the screen "forever"(=until player clicks)?


  • Depending on your character's chosen animation engine, it may be possible to revert back to an idle animation after talking a set time, but it wouldn't be based on the length of the speech text.

    Likely it'll have to be in the form of a new option.  How are your characters animated?
  • Thanks.

    I'm using sprites unity for the animations.
    What do you mean by a new 'option'?
  • Not all users would like this behaviour changed.  I mean that I'll add this feature, but optionally - in the form of a new toggle in the Speech Manager.
  • That would be great. I imagine a lot of people use the display text forever option, and for those this kind of option would be useful since it *does* look very weird when the character talks forever even in cases when she only says a few words...

  • This is the same feature that I came to ask for.  I also have "display subtitles forever", and I'd like to limit the duration of the talk animation (mecanim).  Thanks Chris.
  • Is the toggle going to be in the "Speech audio" section of the Speech Manager?  Just curious.  I updated to the latest version and I was checking around to see if I missed it.
  • It appears as Play talking animations forever until user skips it? in the Speech Manager.

  • It sure does.  Works perfectly.  Thanks.
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