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Genocide Dolphins (UFPS/AC)

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A video of my FPS using AC... apologies its a bit jerky this one, not normally like that!.. 


  • I am a bit confused on what exactly this is.

    I mean i see that you are using AC and UFPS but what is the game that you are showcasing? Is there a name? story? quest? anything here?

    Also, is the "ART" layout in the game final or is the geometry just a placeholder for what will be there?
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    Hi guys, I'm back with another video! :)
    To answer your questions, the game is called Genocide Dolphins, an adventure FPS, a brief intro: 
    On the far side of the universe lies the Screaming Tortoise nebula. An unhospitable alien environment of meteor storms, carnivorous wildlife and interdimensional abominations. Mankind's last hope for the future.

    You are one of the lucky few, leaving the dying Earth for a one-way trip through the World Portal to Screaming Tortoise 8, one of 10 planetoids terraformed by Architects like yourself to create a new home for humanity. The last vestiges of Earth's finest architecture jostle for space between grandiose neon-drenched skyscrapers and soul-crushing, disease-ridden slums. Here Earth's refugees rub shoulders with sentient droids, alien wildlife and the Wolongs; clones created in a desperate attempt to pull our species back from the brink of extinction. Here you may indulge in every vice and illicit pleasure you can conceive of, and some yet beyond your imagination. And here you will lead the fight against forces that would deny us our final chance of survival.

    Currently I am still implementing missions (which is why you see none) and improving the style and art all round, but yes this style is semi-"finished", i.e I wont be plastering the walls with brick textures etc, it is supposed to look very weird :) A sort of twist on cyberpunk, but of course each day I improve my skills I make it look a little better, it's slowly looking more and more polished. I don't want to lose some of the beautiful smoggy red distant city scenes I've made so I'm basically leaving alone parts I made last year that were awesome (but weird looking) and detailing other bits with more advanced materials/substances etc. I guess in the end the game will showcase my evolution of Unity skill and taste evolution, but that is how I like my projects, so long as nothing made at the start looks too lame.

    Here is my character fully leveled up and flying around the main city, enjoy.. Any NPC movement you see is all AC powered.


  • OK some progress finally, AC is working pretty damn well with UFPS now. :D
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    Progress :) 
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    Lots more progress.. 
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    AI :-)
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    Weird - I like it. Reminds me a bit of something you'd find in Metal Hurlant back in the day!  :D

    There's a really annoying glitch with the FPS arms when they move across the screen, like a few unwanted triangles entering the camera view?

    EDIT: Metal Hurlant as in the original French comics. :)>-
  • Thanks! Yeh the gun glitch is bad, I have almost stop noticing because ive been playing with it for too long! Will fix it for next video! Now looking up Metal Hurlant! Thanks for the feedback!
  • Can the player revisit the same scene later? I'm curious to know how you'll handle the state of your AI enemies with Adventure Creator's save system, as if I remember rightly from your earlier videos, it did seem like the player would be able to roam around, visiting the different areas at their leisure, taking on missions etc.

    I'm thinking of using this, since AC and Playmaker are best mates, I'm hoping AC will be able to save the Playmaker health variables of the enemies. Although my game will be more linear than GC, I still want the player to be able to revisit locations.

    Good stuff btw - those destructible objects in particular look awesome!

  • Did 2 videos, one before this has my usual drone and breaking features :) this one focuses on pure all out madness with stupid fast guns, lol.. 
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    @Deckard_89 50% of the game is adventuring around talking to people, for that I think I will keep simple booleans for what conversations have taken place and what inventory has been gotten. But for these missions that I have been posting recently it's a one off thing, if you die you start again from the start, you can't jump into these mid way (currently) even though I did have save points planned. The missions are high points in the game where a place that was once peaceful and you could roam like the main world, suddenly becomes a war zone, the same will happen all over the game I think. But keeping them as one off things makes them so much easier to handle, i do want players to be rated perhaps on their performance and they can replay each mission over and over to improve, rather than only playing once or having to set it all back up again, so there should be a menu for action missions you wish to replay, but not story stuff. My motto on this game is if you can cut corners do, given that it has no design document and evolves daily I do what I think seems easiest, and only focus on a really rough feature if I want it bad. Storing AI state etc is a nightmare and would take so much hacking I decided against it. I am using the old school way I used in my old Gloom3 game on Amiga by using adventure creator triggers as "event zones" to turn on groups of enemies and situations as needed, so this might make it more feasible to have save points, you could save between waves, or at the end of one wave, which is why you see a orange diamond fall out of some of my people, I was thinking you oculd save at the end of one wave, not like quake where all state is saved but more generally mission2, phase3, health=69 ammo=40 etc rather than needing to store each bone position and thought of the AI.  
  • Ah, I see. So once you're in a mission, you're "locked in" until you finish it. So the AI doesn't need to be remembered because once the mission's done, it's done (or specific save points once a certain wave of enemies has been killed, like you said).
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    Very cool. Reminds me of the original Deus Ex on LSD or something. 

    However, what does mixing UFPS with AC do other than bring in combat/FPS elements and enemies? 
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    Nice, but the drunk effect lasts too long. It's cool to have the effect but it lasts so long it starts to get in the way of gameplay. Just look at how other games have used this effect. In almost all of them it lasts just long enough to be fun and interesting, because if left too long, it just gets annoying.
  • You could definitely get the drink pouring animation done using Blend Shapes and Adventure Creator's Shapeable script within an Action list that animates the liquid mesh in the glass. However, since humour is obviously a big part of this game you can probably get away with it.

    By the way, there were instances where you were expecting things to be there or work in a certain way but they didn't - are you sure this thing that reduces build size isn't removing stuff or corrupting scenes? There's go to be something it's doing that reduces the size of the build, after all.

    You've obviously put quite a shift in on this thing so hopefully you can get everything sorted, looks promising - certainly unique!

  • I can't remember well where I picked this technique, but think it was from Brackeys (a guy with a Unity tutorial channel). But basically, instead of having a single mecanim parameter for each and every animation state (which quickly gets horrid) you just make one int parameter, and use different numbers to signify different animations, that way you can use a single parameter for many, many animation state transitions (which you can represent with an enum in code or anyway other you want). Also try and make substate machines for your states. You could create them by categories, like interactions, locomotion, etc. That will clean up your animator quite a bit, thought at this point it might be a lot of work to modify it, so it'll be your call (though it'll probably make your work easier in the long run).
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    I've been watching your progress on this game since I first got Adventure Creator a few years back, and I still don't know what the heck is going on :)) but, I do find it fascinating. You seem to make progress a lot faster than I do, it's really impressive with all the stuff going on in these maps. Keep going!

  • Alverik, thanks for the tips I will give that a go, they really are a nightmare the way I am doing them lol. 

    Deckard, thanks mate, yes its going well, I have been on this game since 2012 so things are starting to fall into place that make the progress look great, most of these things I've been developing in the background for a while though :) 

    Thanks for watching guys!!
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    It reminds me a little on the "mass effect". Cool post apocalyptic atmosphere. There's a lot of work here, well done!
  • ...Okay then.

    It's like Vic & Bob went out to celebrate with The Might Boosh, but someone spiked their drinks. Then, they recalled their visions of the series of events to a writer, who then became a scriptwriter for a tv show directed  by David Lynch. This was then, somehow, turned into a video game.

  • Hahaha I think I take that as praise, I hope there is a good amount of people who will want to see something different :) I guess when game development becomes easier we will see a lot more mental games, I cant even work out what is mad and what is not anymore, it just flows out of my head. Sometimes I think it is too mundane, other times Im laughing thinking what will people make of it, and I really cant be arsed making something for all ages, hence all the drug stuff, I want to do things that people laugh about not being in games. Put it all in and hopefully wrap it in a decent story and world, and see what happens. AC certainly makes it happen, I think it's the best asset available, bridges the gap nicely. Thanks for watching guys, much appreciate any comment, new video uploading now would you believe :)
  • Sounds like you were enjoying your killing spree a bit too much >:)

    Can the thrown people do damage? For example you're fighting enemies, but you run out of ammo, but you could throw a person at them!

    I would put some sort of limit on using the throwing, like a recharging time for example, just to prevent the player from being overpowered.

    Is there any sort of consequences to going a massacre like that? GTA "heat" for example, not sure how you would implement it though, it's a pretty complex system. Maybe spawn some enemy gang members (like those clowns that you did a demo that time) when so many people have been killed, depending on which area you're in - it could their patch!

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