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Triggering Playmaker events from AC and timing

I identified an interesting issue today and thought it may at some time be useful for other people using AC and Playmaker together (save them spending hours trying to figure out the issue).

If you call a Playmaker FSM with an event from Adventure Creator, it works fine, as long as the first state in your FSM which is waiting for the event from AC is currently active. If another part of the PM FSM is currently being executed (not the first state waiting for a call from AC), the Thirdy Party - Playmaker action in AC will simply do nothing (it will send the event out to Playmaker, but it will never be received).

This is not due to Adventure Creator, but to Playmaker. Apparently PM doesn't buffer events that are sent to it, so if you happen to no be in the "listening" state when AC sends an event, it's just lost (I had a case like this, as my PM FSM was working on something taking a few seconds).

Not an issue for fast-paced games, but could be an issue for people creating adventure games using AC with Playmaker.


  • Thanks for the tip, I'll see about adding a note about this in the Manual.
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