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Hover sound wont work in PauseOption menu

I'm trying to add Hover sound to pause and options menu but it doesn't work well.  The sound seems to be late and sometimes it doesn't work when it hovers over text. It's somehow random. Click sound works fine. Is there any way to fix this? I can do without this in the game but it would be nice effect to have.. 
Unity 5.6.1f1   AC 1.56g


  • Bugs related to hover sounds were addressed in v1.60 and v1.61.  Does it work if you upgrade (backing up first)?
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     Hm, that could be a problem ... I'm almost at the end of the game well, precisely at 90%  to finish, so I wouldn't risk to update,unless you think it's the only way! These are  just some fine adjustments for the game at the moment. Is there any other way  arround to fix this Chris? I mean without updating! If not, I'll manage somehow without it...oh and thank's, I appreciate every help..
  • IIRC it wasn't a simple fix, and affected a number of scripts - so I don't think it's something that can be easily applied to a past release.  I shall check this for you, however.
  • Update: Actually, it's a simple change.  In PlayerMenus.cs, find the code block starting line 1386:

    if (menu.CanCurrentlyKeyboardControl () && lastElementIdentifier == "")
        // Bypass when auto-selected
        KickStarter.sceneSettings.PlayDefaultSound (menu.elements[j].hoverSound, false);

    And replace with:

    KickStarter.sceneSettings.PlayDefaultSound (menu.elements[j].hoverSound, false);
  • Thank's Chris it works perfectly :)!  I hope that I will soon be able to show some pictures of the game...cheers
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