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Inventory Item Combination Not Working

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I want to create a new inventory item by combining two items together, then removing the items that are combined from the inventory - simple so far. I had this working yesterday, but for some reason today it won't work.

The complete action list asset for the item combination is very simple, it just has a check for a global variable (boolean: true) before the actions for removing and adding items. This boolean is set to True as part of an OnStart Cutscene (this is working).

AC 1.62.2
Unity 2017.1

Edit: It seems there is a problem with one of the inventory items that is to be combined. For some reason, it's examine action won't work, and it seems that, in the Inventory tab of the AC game editor, it's "Standard Interactions" Examine action list asset is taking on the traits of the item it is to be combined with! Very strange indeed. A bugged inventory item? How and why, I do not know.


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    You'll have to provide more information, or steps to recreate.  Let's see some screenshots of the items as listed in the Inventory Manager, as well as the ActionLists involved.

    Also, how are combine interactions performed?  Via an Interaction menu, or by dropping them on eacth other?
  • Sorry for not leaving more information, but I think I've actually now solved it.

    It seems that, when you make a combine interaction for an inventory item, you must also manually assign that same action list asset to the other item it is to be combined with (in it's combine interaction slot), otherwise it won't work because I suppose the other item doesn't "know" that it is being combined.
  • Do you have Combine interactions work in reverse? checked in the Settings Manager?

    It's not necessary to create the "combine" interaction for both ways around, but unless that option is checked it'll only work in the case of "Use X on Y", and not also "Use Y on X".
  • Sorry to dig up an old thread but I was having this issue and can confirm that combine interaction will not work unless the action list is assigned to the other combination item also, even without the reverse combination checkbox ticked.

    Maybe a bug?

  • @JackAnimated: Please share your full settings. Let's see screenshots of your Settings Manager, as well as a sample item from the Inventory Manager.

  • Ok, so the reason I thought that you had to have both items with the action list assigned is because in my opinion the logic of the interaction works backwards.

    For example, I have gone here on the properties of my NOTE item and assigned an action list for its combined interactions with my ROCK item. This translates into gameplay that dragging wth NOTE onto the ROCK does nothing, but dragging the ROCK onto the NOTE runs the action list. So this works, just in reverse of my expectations.

    Here's some screenshots:

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    The item you choose in the "Combine interactions" panel is the item you need to have selected when clicking on it. This is consistent with choosing the Cursor Icon when defining a "Use interaction" - i.e. the cursor you need to have selected when clicking on it.

    If you have the reverse option checked, however, the combine interaction should work both ways. If it is not working for you, please share your AC/Unity version numbers as well as a screenshot of your full Settings Manager, not just a cropped portion.

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