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FMV Game - Video Clip Question

I'm making a FMV game and have the video clips which are obviously played when called upon. However, there's always a slight delay before the video plays, presumably because Unity has to load and then play the clip.

I've noticed in another game created in Unity called 'Contradiction!' (which I highly recommend by the way) that they have joined all of their video clips into one huge video clip totalling around 3GB. Now, during the game there is no delay when a 'clip' begins to play and I'm figuring that this is because the one large clip is always loaded into memory and a 'seek' function of some kind is being used to quickly line up and play that part of the video.

Would anyone know how to possibly integrate this method into Unity/AC easily, or would it require scripting? I'm guessing scripting, unless a 'seek' function was added in somehow.

Thanks in advance for any replies. 


  • The Engine: Play movie clip Action includes a Prepare only? option, which will preload the video so that it can be played faster later on with a separate Action call.

    If you want to skip to a certain part of a video, I believe that can be done by setting the VideoPlayer component's time field:

    This could be done in a custom Action, which either handles the playback of the video as well, or is called immediately after the Engine: Play movie clip Action so that it just handles the time setting.

  • Thanks for the reply, Chris, much appreciated.

    I've personally no idea how to write a script for my requirements so I guess I'll need to learn a few things. Thanks anyhow :)
  • Hello Tatyanna.

    I am also thinking of creating a FMV game, could you advise me on which template of Adventure Creator should i use?

    Thank you very much

  • I'm using the default one which seems to work fine.
  • Hi TayannaStudios,

    You note above that Contradiction! was created using Unity. Just looking to confirm that this is definitely the case, to your knowledge; I'm in the early stages of trying to create something similar and was so impressed by that game that I want to follow a similar route.

  • Yes, it was created with Unity. I can confirm this.

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