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Combine an item with itself, Interactions with Inventory Box issue.

My layout is:

1) I have Hotspot then Interaction
2) Interaction menu with standard interactions and inventory
3) All items are avaible even if they have no interaction (unhandled works ok).
4) No "selected items cursor" of any manner. You never choose the item alone and drag it or anything.

the issue is:

All works well, except inside inventory menu, If I try to use an item on itself, EVEN if it has a preprogrammed action (a combine action to ittself, doesn't run. Everything else runs well.

Unity: 2017.3.1
AC: 1.60.7

PS: Another thing, Only show Inventory items by Category is not selectable when the MenuSetting Elemental Inventory Box is of Hotspot Based. Is not a critical thing and I guess I can work it throw changing AC scripts but if there is a solution...


  • The limit-by-category option is not currently available for that inventory box type.  I shall see if that can be changed, however.

    For the main issue: could you post your full Settings Manager?  I will need to attempt a recreation.
  • PS: In updates, can you put more "change cursor when over", apart from buttons, like in InventoryBox's element? I'm finding some inconsistency in my game with cursor changing over some things but not all. 

  • Try the latest release, which should address the first post's issues.

    I'll consider adding a "change cursor when over" option for InventoryBox elements, thanks for the suggestion.
  • Thanks a lot! I hope the update doesn't mess very much my project, it's been a time working on it, I'll search for the last update warnings
  • Seen the update!

    released May 29, 2018

    = Inventory = -Added: Ability for "Hotspot Based" InventoryBox menu elements to be limited by category -Changed:
    If Inventory items are combined via "Hotspot Based" InventoryBox menu elements, self-combining is permitted

    you're the best!
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