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Examining items in the Inventory Menu

Hi everyone,

I know there is some default functionality in AC's Inventory Menu options to allow examining items within the inventory by right-clicking. While this is a very useful behavior, I'd like to try and keep the interactions consistent with the main game, which uses the "Choose hotspot, then interaction" method of selecting a 'verb' from a sub-menu after clicking on a hotspot.

Investigating AC and the Q&A forum, it appears that there are currently two 'default' examination methods you can turn on: right-clicking an item to examine it, or enabling drag-and-drop and dropping an item on itself.

Ideally, I'd love to have players be able to interact with inventory items like hotspots with the "hotspot, then interaction" behavior, being able to click on an item to get a sub-menu, then choose whether to examine or select an object.

Alternatively, going the "choose interaction, then hotspot" route, I could also see something akin to older Sierra titles where the Inventory menu had a bar of verbs you could click on to change your cursor (for example, clicking on a "Look" button at the top of your inventory menu to get a "Look" cursor), then clicking on inventory items to get a description of them.

Does AC support any of these kinds of interaction natively, or would it require a bit of custom code?


  • Inventory items can indeed be treated the same way as Hotspots in CHTI mode - but not by default.

    In the Settings Manager, change the Inventory interactions field from Single to Multiple - that will allow you to define a separate interaction for each "verb" defined in your Cursor Manager, one of which can be Examine.

    More on this can be found in the "Inventory interactions" chapter of the Manual.
  • Aha! Excellent, thank you! I'll check all this out.
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