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Collapsed ActionSpeech that shows Text Line

I am trying to make a custom action that shows spoken text even after action is collapsed.

The goals is to make a high-level dialogue as transparent as possible.

Now if the above solution isn't possible to archive(since we would probably need to alter some plugin scripts) it would also be great to hide/collapse everything else but the text and actor/player. 
I tried to extend the ActionSpeech class by creating a new one and inheriting from it, but since some fields are private, this isn't possible. I also tried copy-pasting the whole ActionSpeech code, but it contains some objects that need to reference the original ActionSpeech type.

Any help would be really great! :)


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    Welcome to the community, @11tomi12.

    There's very little space available when an Action is collapsed, so the provided ActionSpeech class only displays the name of the speaking character.

    The label that appears when collapsed is set in an Action's SetLabel method - you could modify the existing ActionSpeech's method to display messageText, I suppose - but indeed it's not an easy one to replace / copy, since many of the fields that it can display are dependent upon the chosen animation engine, meaning there's a fair amount of interdependancy going on.

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