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Character-dependent subtitles

So I have some issues with setting up different subtitles menus to different characters with similar names.
I have two characters, one is named 'Lenard' and the other is named 'ThoughtCharL'.
I can easily set-up a different subtitle menu for each of them, HOWEVER problem start when I want to have the 'ThoughtCharL' speaker-label to be 'Lenard [Thinking]'... 
Changing the speaker label makes the menu not recognize the original character - i.e. it stops displaying subtitles for the 'ThoughtCharL' just because I've changed its speaker label.
And now if I go back and change the subtitle menu 'characters to limit to' option to 'Lenard [Thinking]' the subtitles start working again for the 'ThoughtCharL' character, HOWEVER now when the 'Lenard' character talks, both of the subtitles menus are showing...

In short - It appears that the engine doesn't differentiate between 'Lenard' and 'Lenard X' where X can be anything from a single letter to a complete sentence... i.e. the subtitles menu which is set to apply for 'Lenard X' char will also display when the 'Lenard' char is talking.
(however the engine DOES differentiate between 'Lenard X' and 'Lenard' - i.e. the subtitles menu which is set to apply for 'Lenard' will not display when 'Lenard X' is talking.)

Any possible solution besides changing the names? (as I do need to display 'Lenard' and 'Lenard thoughts'....)


  • A Menu can be displayed for multiple characters by dividing up character names with a semicolon.  Even if you only have a Menu showing for one, surround it with a semicolon on either side of that character's name to make sure it doesn't rely on another character with shared text in his name:

    ;Lenard X;
  • I did what you described yet the problem persist exactly the same...
    I've attached screens of the menus setup.
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    Thanks.  I'll look into this further.  What's your AC version?
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    Thank you.


    Note that the 'Subtitles Thoughts' menu was created by copying the 'Subtitles' menu and just changing its relevant parameters.

    Please let me know if you find any solution. Thanks!
  • It's a bug, and it'll be fixed in the next release.  Thanks for posting.
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