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Crafting menu - alternative to clicking on Result icon?

Anyone know a straight forward way to have the Create button in the Crafting menu use the same functionality as if you click on the Result item?  Meaning, I don't want to click on the Result item from a recipe to add it to the inventory and close the menu...I instead want to be required to click the Create button, which would add the Result item to my inventory and close the menu.


  • If you uncheck Result is automatic? in the Recipe's properties within the Inventory Manager, then clicking the Create button will be required for the resulting item to appear.

    Having the item auto-move upon clicking Create is rather unique behaviour, so I feel it's best done via a custom event.  However, currently there is no event that triggers upon the succesful creation of a recipe.  I'll address this as part of the upcoming v1.64.0 update - if you bump this thread once its out, I'll assist with the event script.
  • Thanks Chris -
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